Preparing for Prison

Receiving a prison sentence is daunting news. If you or someone you love has just been sentenced to prison for the first time, it’s natural to be concerned, frightened and overwhelmed. You don’t know what to expect and are afraid to even ask questions.

That’s why preparing for prison is so essential. With help from experienced prison consultants at Liberty Advisors, LLC, you can learn what you or your loved one should expect in your journey through the legal process we can answer questions, and provide information and insight. You can schedule your complimentary consultation with our expert consultants to get started.

Why You Need to Prepare for Prison

Prison is  different from common media portrayals. Unless you’ve been to jail yourself, you have no way of knowing what to expect.

That lack of knowledge can make the time before and during your court case more difficult and intimidating than it needs to be. Without reliable information, you can’t prepare yourself emotionally, physically, mentally or financially for the time you may serve. You’ll struggle unnecessarily to adjust to your circumstances, and you may make avoidable mistakes that make serving your time harder than they need to be. However, with proper preparation, you can avoid these problems and do your time with less stress and fear.

What to Expect if You Have Just Been Sentenced to Prison

If you’ve just been sentenced to prison, you probably have many questions and fears. That’s where the knowledgeable consultants at Liberty Advisors can help. We specialize in providing compassionate, effective prison consulting for people like you before, during, and after your sentence.

Our consultants have been in your shoes. They can provide accurate information about what to expect from your time in prison every step of the way. They can also teach you about the social norms and rules in prison, so you’re prepared to make good decisions. Our goal is to help you navigate your journey through the legal system from arrest to re-entry and move on with your life without suffering the trauma and chaos convictions may cause.

Prison Sentence Preparation FAQ

Will I be in danger in prison?

It depends on how you act and re-act.  Technically, corrections officers  and prison administrators are responsible for the safety of inmates.  However, preconceived prejudices, individual biases, and your individual prison will define the “atmosphere.” If you feel threatened, you can request a transfer to get away from the people bullying you, however it may or may not be granted.

Generally, women convicted of violent crimes are sentenced to medium-security prisons, while women convicted of white-collar or financial crimes are sentenced to minimum or low-security prisons or “camps”, however there are always exceptions to both situations..”

What do I Need to Know the Day I Am Sentenced?

Well before the day of sentencing – when you get a target letter, get arrested, or are indicted – as early in the legal process as possible – you should be getting powers of attorney and prepare financially, get medical history up to date, get your GED, get your ID documents in order, etc. – that can’t be done on or after the day of sentencing because some people are sent directly from the courtroom to prison. On the day of sentencing, you should understand:

  • How the sentencing process works
  • What to expect on the day of sentencing 
  • Where you’re being sent; what that means
  • The terms of your sentence
  • The terms for early release and other sentence mitigation tools
  • Your rights while imprisoned
  • The social, emotional and physical expectations in prison
  • How to organize your finances and legal responsibilities before you enter prison

You can hire a prison consultant to teach you these critical details, answer your questions, and support you and your loved ones throughout your journey through the legal process .

What is living in prison like?

You are kept to a “strict” schedule. You will likely be assigned a work rotation, and you will be required to report for “count” each day. You may also be required to attend meals and go to sleep at a specific time. Your downtime activities may be limited depending on your sentence.

Prison life involves socializing with other inmates. There are unspoken rules within prisons about what you should or should not do. A prison consultant can teach you about these rules so you don’t accidentally break them and make your sentence harder than it has to be.

What services and amenities are available in prison?

Most prisons have a library, a gym, an exercise yard, and an activities room. The specific activities and amenities available depend on the place to which you are sentenced. Minimum-security camps generally  have the broadest range of activities, while high-security prisons will restrict your activities the most.

Can I mitigate my prison sentence?

In certain circumstances, your behavior may help you shorten your sentence. Federal law permits some people to petition for early release and you will receive  “good time” credit if you have behaved well. Your prison consultant and defense attorney can advocate for you while you are imprisoned on matters such as sentence length. They may be able to help you fight for early release or probation.

Prepare for Prison with Compassionate Assistance from Liberty Advisors, LLC

You may feel very isolated if you or a loved one is facing time in prison. That’s why Liberty Advisors was founded: to help people like you prepare for prison and support you throughout your journey through the legal system . You can book your free consultation today.

We’re here to assist you as you prepare for your investigation, pre-trial, trial and/or guilty plea, and sentence. We provide compassionate, practical support to help you make the best decisions as you navigate through the legal system. Let us answer your questions and help you prepare for your incarceration.

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