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Mitigation Specialists

We provide direct casework support to defense attorneys and their clients with comprehensive pre-plea and pre-sentencing assistance and memoranda as well as persuasive mitigation reports to support bail applications, plea requests, court advocacy and dismissal motions for state and federal cases. In federal cases our mitigation experts address the statutory sentencing factors enumerated in section 3553(a).

Sentencing Advocates

When assisting defense attorneys handling the sentencing of their clients, we design individualized sentencing data reports, videos, and other supplementary materials. Our alternative sentencing proposals frequently include gathering client background information, identifying organizations in a client’s community that would benefit from the client’s unique abilities and strengths, substance abuse counseling, work-release, home confinement, and community conferment.

Prison Consultants

Assist defense counsel in preparing clients for sentencing or prison by developing personal and professional background information and materials highlighting a client’s history and character for submission to the probation officer and/or the Court. Coordinating character reference letters and testimonials. Advise defense counsel on pre-sentence investigation process and probation interview. Review, analyze, and assess the draft Pre-Sentence Report (PSR).  Assist in preparing a formal response to the PSR. Once a designation is made, we counsel clients and their families in the practical, emotional and psychological aspects of imprisonment.

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