National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL)

Tara Lenich is interviewed by National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) Board Member and Partner with Holland & Knight, Courtney Worcester, to discuss Tara’s career transition from Prosecutor to Prison Consultant, and her unique perspective being on both sides of the criminal justice systems.

Boston Podcast Network

Tara Lenich speaks with the Boston Podcast Network about what to do if you’re going to prison. Tara Lenich is an advocate, mitigation specialist, prison consultant, and speaker.


An Authority Magazine interview with Tara Lenich about how she went beyond her comfort zone to grow both personally and professionally, and ultimately found Liberty Advisors LLC.


In a recent Boston and New York CityBizList article, Liberty Advisors LLC Founder, Tara Lenich, was interviewed about the prison consulting and sentence mitigation services she provides to those facing incarceration, and about her unique experience on both sides of the criminal justice system.

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