“My first emotion was panic. I didn’t even know what a Target Letter meant nor could I ever imagine what the next 6 years would be like. I had nowhere to turn, I didn’t want to involve my family so I found an Attorney who I thought would guide me thru this storm. He was understanding at first but as time dragged on I felt misunderstood and actually irrelevant. I didn’t understand the process nor the various avenues available to me. I descended into a world of worry and depression. I finally attempted to take some control back, so I researched and researched until I found Tara. She was and is to this day a god sent. She explained the total process, basically she gave me an overview of what I could expect from my lawyer and the US Attorney’s office. Most importantly she prepared me for prison. She alleviated some of my worst nightmares and told me what to expect and how to act and react. Without this guidance, I don’t know what my 18 months would have been like. Once released, Tara was still with me and believe me it doesn’t end upon release. She helped me navigate the storm of reentry, the difficulties finding housing, jobs, reconnecting with family and friends, and finding emotional and financial support. Without Tara my road in and out of prison would have been impossible to navigate.”

“Tara never left my side from the minute I contacted her. She walked me through each stage, each court date, each next chapter. My attorney did her job from the legal standpoint but I needed so much more than that. I needed emotional support. I needed to understand what was next. Before Tara I lived with so much fear and worry and would have been totally unprepared for the tribulations of the years ahead. Tara was there for me every step of the way. Help is available. Seek out Tara.”

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