Frequently Asked Questions

A prison consultant works alongside your attorneys to provide strategic guidance from the moment you receive a target letter or are arrested until you re-enter society after prison and all of the steps in between.  They help you learn how to cope with and survive the unfamiliar surroundings of prison. 

A prison sentence is an overwhelming time for you and your family. Prison consultants should prepare you and your loved ones for each step you will face through the criminal legal system. Knowing what to expect can alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty you are feeling. Liberty Advisors has direct experience in virtually all facets of the criminal justice system and will help you prepare every step of the way.

We help people throughout their journeys through the criminal justice system. From the time you receive a target letter or are arrested until you re-enter society, and all the steps in between, we will be there for you. 

  • Whether you’ve just received a target letter–or a bunch of federal agents showed up on your door and you are in panic mode–we will be there to help explain the process, guide you through the next steps and explain how you can take an active role in the process. 
  • If you need help understanding what a PSI is, we can walk you through the various sections. 
  • If you or your loved ones need advice and help with character letters–how many should you have, who should write them, are they even worth it–we will talk you through it. 
  • If you have questions about what to expect in prison, we can talk you through situations you will likely face and give you advice on how to get your affairs in order before you go in. 
  • If you need a quick course on what to expect from pre-trial services, the day of arraignment, a guilty plea, trial or sentencing, or life in prison, we can walk you through it, answer your questions and address your concerns.

At Liberty Advisors, we are here to support you and your family. Tara was a prosecutor and then a defendant in both criminal and civil matters and she understands what support is needed. Each person has specific concerns or worries based on their circumstances and with our client-tailored approach we will listen to you and help guide you and prepare you for prison.

Take control and get organized, because the further into the process you get the less control you have. There are many things you can do ahead of time:

  • Get your finances in order. Just a few examples: Do you make monthly payments using credit cards? What steps do you need to take to make sure your bills get paid?
  • Get your health checked. Make sure you visit every doctor you have, get prescriptions, get as healthy as you can before you enter prison. 
  • Get your GED, your high school transcript, your college transcript and bring proof with you when you enter. 
  • Consider getting a Power of Attorney. Who is going to make decisions about your life in your absence?

There are so many more things you can do to get ready – and we will help you do them.

Be there for them. Be patient, kind, understanding and know that they are scared about almost everything – what is prison going to be like, how will their family and loved ones fare in their absence, will they be completely alone and away from everything they have ever known. You can take active steps. 

Writing a character letter helps. Even if it is not eventually submitted to the court, it helps the person going to prison to hear kind, supportive words and know that people care about them and realize they are more than this one moment. 

“When I went to prison, I was extremely fortunate to have family and friends support me,” says Liberty Advisors founder Tara Lenich, “but I saw women who did not have that support system and they suffered. That was a motivating factor in creating Liberty Advisors – to provide meaningful support to people facing the criminal legal system – which includes a client’s loved ones.”

Family members and friends are going through the emotional and mental upheaval along with the defendant. Liberty Advisors can help family and friends by providing pathways to understanding the process, answering questions, and helping with character letters.

A prison consultant cannot provide legal advice. Liberty Advisors will work alongside your attorney or legal team. Having been both a prosecutor and a defendant in both criminal and civil matters, Tara is aware of the issues when a prison consultant oversteps. A prison consultant works with the client in understanding the process and providing targeted advice.

There really is no such thing as “white collar prison.” When people use that term in this context, they are usually asking what type of prison they will be sent to if they commit a “white collar” crime – usually a financially motivated, non-violent crime. They want to know if they will be going to a federal prison camp and what that means – what will life be like there – will it be a country club setting? 

It will not.

Yes, absolutely. Hiring someone you can trust to tell you the truth about what the process of going through the criminal justice system is like as a defendant is invaluable. A prison consultant can help explain each step of the process and tell you what life is like in prison, assuming that, like the consultants at Liberty Advisors, they have spent time there. 

A prison consultant who has never spent time in prison cannot possibly explain to you how it feels. Having knowledge about the process and having someone you can call and ask questions you are afraid to ask anyone else is invaluable for your mental and emotional well-being as you go through the legal system.