Sentencing Advocacy

Helping convicted people pursue fair, appropriate sentences.

When you’ve been convicted of a crime, it’s easy to feel hopeless. However, the criminal legal process doesn’t end with a conviction. After you have been convicted, the court must officially sentence you for the crime. 

The sentence for a given crime can vary significantly depending on the circumstances, the judge, and the team supporting you during the sentencing process. Having a sentencing advocate on your side can make all the difference. At Liberty Advisors, we are here to create highly individualized sentencing plans to illustrate to the court and probation that you are a complete person, not just one mistake. Call us at 347-673-0953 or reach out online to discuss your sentencing concerns today. 

Why Work with Sentencing Advocates?

Sentencing advocates work with you and your attorneys to minimize your sentence and to show the court who you are as a person. They use their knowledge of the legal system to identify alternatives to a prison sentence that may be more appropriate for your situation. By working with a criminal sentencing advocate, you can more effectively pursue a shorter sentence and potentially have home confinement or substance abuse and mental health treatment substituted for some of your prison sentence. 

If home confinement or another alternative to prison is not available to you, sentencing advocates can help explore your background and make sure the court sees you as a person and not just this one act.  We will help you tell your story and highlight all the positive things you have done throughout your life.

Services Provided by Liberty Advisors’ Sentencing Advocates

When you work with a sentencing advisor, they will handle a wide range of tasks on your behalf. They will collaborate with your attorney to:

  • Gather client background information. We examine your personal and professional background to develop materials highlighting your history and background for submission to the court. These materials will highlight all the positive contributions you have made over the course of your life. They will also focus on substance abuse and mental health treatment, victim restitution, community supervision, avoidance of future misconduct, and appropriate and constructive consequences. This approach allows courts to sentence people to community-based programs that address their needs, while reserving expensive prison and jail space only for those who threaten the safety of the community. We explore options such as work release and home confinement. The goal is to identify a sentence more appropriate to your circumstances and encourage probation and the judge consider alternatives to incarceration.
  • Review, analyze and assess the draft Pre-Sentence Report (PSR). In most criminal cases, the presiding judge will request a sentencing report, or PSR, to help determine your sentence. The PSR is usually written by your probation officer. However, your advocate will review the PSR with your attorney and check it for accuracy and bias. It is critical that this document is comprehensive and accurate as to your finances, health and wellbeing, charges against you, and most importantly includes an accurate description of what happened. This is your opportunity to tell your story. 
  • Assist in preparing a response to the PSR. If the PSR contains inaccurate or biased information, your sentencing advocate will help you and your attorney prepare responses to it. These responses can improve the PSR, give the judge a better picture of the situation, and reduce the risk of an excessive sentence. Your advocate will help you prepare your story so you can tell it succinctly and persuasively. This matters because this document is a chance for you to be heard. 
  • Coordinating character reference letters and testimonials. In addition to the PSR, judges may consider testimonials and character reference letters on your behalf. A sentencing advocate will help coordinate these references with your defense counsel to make the best possible impression during your sentencing hearing.

In short, a sentencing advocate helps you with all the little details that have an outsized impact on your sentence. They can suggest alternatives to lengthy prison sentences, support your attorney with the PSR, and help you present the best possible face to the judge during your hearing. Most importantly they help you tell your story and help your loved ones through the process.

Advocating on Your Behalf During the Sentencing Process

Don’t give up just because you’ve been convicted. You can still take action to potentially reduce your sentence and present the best possible version of you. At Liberty Advisors, we have the knowledge and skills to support you during the sentencing process and on the day of sentencing. Let our sentencing advocates explore the options available to you and help guide you through the process.There’s no time to waste. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you during the sentencing process.

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