What To Expect From Prison Consultants

Navigating the intricate maze of the American criminal legal system can be daunting. As the landscape of legal support evolves, a new pillar has emerged: Prison Consulting. But what does this entail, and how can it reshape the journey for those facing investigation, criminal charges, and, ultimately, jail time?

In Liberty Advisors’ comprehensive eBook, What to Expect from Prison Consultants, we illuminate how prison consulting offers an invaluable lifeline to clients at every stage of the criminal justice process. 

At the heart of our guide lies the expertise of Liberty Advisors founder and lead consultant Tara Lenich. With a unique vantage point as both a former prosecutor and criminal defendant, Tara’s insights illuminate the path for defense attorneys and their clients. From the nuances of investigations to the intricacies of reentry into society, this eBook offers a holistic view of the prison consulting arena.

But that’s not all. We also explore the pivotal roles of sentencing advocacy and mitigation, revealing how they can significantly influence sentencing outcomes. Learn how we support the accused, our clients, and their legal teams by:

  • Preparing clients and their loved ones for what to expect during the criminal legal process.
  • Providing case consultation and reviews, participating in strategy sessions, and developing more effective narratives for the defense.
  • Gathering information on behalf of the defense team for any mitigating factors that may favorably impact sentencing.
  • Educating clients on what to expect if they are under federal investigation and for court dates including plea proceeding, sentencing and trial; preparing for prison; and life after prison.
  • Offering clients and families an additional source of support, permitting attorneys to focus their attention on critical legal matters.
  • Ensuring clients understand the impact of the case and how it could affect their civil case.

Download our eBook today and unlock the secrets, strategies, and support systems that can make a world of difference in federal criminal cases for defendants and defense teams.

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