About Us

We are a prison and sentencing consulting, research and investigation firm that assists clients and their families with all aspects of the criminal justice process.

Our Advantage

We work with defense teams at any stage including pre-trial, guilt and penalty, post-conviction and habeas, and parole advocacy. Case reviews and strategy sessions to help teams explore theories of defense, themes and narratives, plea alternatives, and appropriate experts.

Our Approach

We are invested in a holistic and team-based approach to client representation. Client support through meetings, visits, letters, phone calls, and approved communication with loved ones. Comprehensive record collection including education, employment, social services, primary care, hospital, mental health, family history, and court documents. Records are organized and summarized for the team and expert witnesses to help reduce time and expense.

Who We Are

Tara Lenich is our Founder.

I am an advocate, mitigation specialist, prison consultant, and speaker. I founded Liberty Advisors LLC to prepare and support clients and their loved ones as they navigate the criminal justice system.

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Liberty Approach

What to expect from prison consultants?

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