Tara Lenich Interviewed on NAWL Podcast

Publication Name: National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL)
Publish Date: September 22, 2023

From Prosecutor to Prison Consultant - Criminal Justice Advocacy with Tara Lenich

Tara Lenich Interviewed on NAWL Podcast

Tara Lenich is interviewed by National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) Board Member and Partner with Holland & Knight, Courtney Worcester, to discuss Tara’s career transition from Prosecutor to Prison Consultant, and her unique perspective being on both sides of the criminal justice systems.

And I started talking with women in Danbury about if they had hired prison consultants, what their experiences were like, if they hadn’t hired them. What would they want from them? How could they have benefited from one? How could their families benefited? And I really as I thought through this at Danbury, I really wanted to include families because so often the client is taken care of by their attorneys, you know, and any forensic experts that are hired. But the families are often left traumatized and don’t have a basis of knowledge. And I really thought they could use like a sit down and explain and prepare each step. You know, this is what the arrest is going to be like. If you have a heads up and you’re allowed to self surrender, you know, and the arrest going to be like, this is what sentencing could be like. You know, the prosecutor is going to get up and say really bad stuff about your loved one. And you just have to keep in mind that you know them, you know, and the judge is probably going to say things that you don’t want to hear. But, you know, I can walk them through all that having. Been so familiar with the courtroom as a prosecutor, but also knowing what it feels like as a defendant sitting in that courtroom.

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