Tara Lenich’s Appearance on the Boston Podcast Network

Publication Name: Boston Podcast Network
Publish Date: May 16, 2023

Going to Jail? She's Got Advice.

Liberty Advisors LLC Featured on Boston Podcast Network: A Deep Dive into Prison Consulting

Tara Lenich speaks with the Boston Podcast Network about what to do if you’re going to prison. Tara Lenich is an advocate, mitigation specialist, prison consultant, and speaker.

“I really feel like families aren’t supported. I don’t. It was incredibly difficult for my family to face this process and not have anyone really to ask questions about what’s going to happen, what’s expected of them, how am I doing without making me more stressed out? And so that’s something I really thought was not addressed. Defense attorneys have limited time and they’re really focusing on legal issues, and I can take some of that burden off of them and help the client and their loved ones prepare. Just know knowing what to expect and to prepare for each stage really helps people who are going through this traumatic experience have a tiny bit of semblance of control. “

Click here to view a transcript of Tara Lenich’s interview with Boston Podcast Network.


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