Healthcare Prep for Incarceration

In preparation for a prison stay, you should think about how your medical care will be handled. People who are incarcerated in state and federal prisons are entitled to “adequate” healthcare. That said, the level of care in prison can be significantly less than what you are used to receiving. As a result, if you are preparing to go to prison, you will need to know your medical, dental, and vision needs before entering. You will also want to seek the help of a prison and sentencing consulting, research, and investigation firm.

Most prisons employ staff to meet the needs of prisoners. Still, you should take steps to ensure you get the best care possible while in prison. For this reason, it becomes extremely important for you to seek appropriate care before entering and make sure you know what needs might arise while you are on the inside. 

Understanding Your Medical Needs in Prison

One of the most important things you can do is ensure that your medical records are up to date before you serve your sentence. You will want to see all of your regular doctors so they can provide you with thorough documentation of your healthcare needs, which you will need as BOP facilities are extremely strict about prescription drugs. 

The BOP has a list of the medications available on the inside. If your medicine is not on that list, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to obtain while you are incarcerated. In addition, you should undergo all appropriate screenings before entering to be aware of any health conditions you have ahead of time.

Upon entering, prison authorities will conduct several screenings for prisoners, which may include:

  • Tuberculosis screenings 
  • Hearing tests 
  • Initial dental assessments 
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • PA exams 

In general, receiving medical care in prison will involve performing what is known as a “sick call.” Inmates can ask for a sick call if they feel unwell or have a medical issue. In addition, BOP medical staff can order a sick call. For example, if the BOP determines that you need testing or a procedure outside of the prison, they will put you on a sick call, and you will be required to go.

Receiving medical care inside a prison can be more difficult in many circumstances. A prisoner may have to submit a written request for medical care; even then, it could take days to receive medical care.

A prisoner’s initial visit with medical staff might only be a screening, not necessarily providing medical care. When a person requires emergency medical care, then the level of care could be a different story.

When a prisoner requires medication, they may not be allowed to possess their own pills. Instead, that medication may be administered by a staff member at the “pill line,” and you will have to take those pills in the presence of staff. 

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