Classes and Activities Available in Prison

As you serve your sentence, you may have access to various classes and activities. The Federal Bureau of Prisons notes that all federal institutions offer literacy classes, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, parenting classes, wellness education, adult continuing education, library services, and recreation activities.

Some of these activities may be required, and some you may be able to choose for yourself. GED classes, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, parenting courses, and some drug and alcohol classes might be mandatory, depending on your circumstances. You may also be required to take wellness and adult continuing education (ACE) classes. Other activities will likely be available that focus on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Specific activities will vary by institution.

If you need help determining the programs that will be available, you should speak to a prison and sentencing consulting, research, and investigation firm.

Common Prison Activities 

In prison, you will be provided with schedules and sign-up instructions for various activities. 

Eligibility for program activities will depend on an inmate’s security classification and other factors, such as their sentencing status, length of stay, assessed needs, and behavior within the prison. Participation will also depend on an inmate exhibiting cooperative and responsible behavior.

Program activities often target the issues that are most likely to result in ongoing criminal behavior, such as drug and alcohol abuse, impulsive behavior, anti-social attitudes, and skills deficits. An inmate coping with a chronic mental illness or developmental disorder may participate in treatment activities when deemed appropriate by prison staff. 

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Are you hoping to be eligible to participate in recreational programs while you are serving time in a state or federal prison? Do you need drug treatment? Make sure to work with Liberty Advisors LLC so you can be prepared for what classes may be required and what  activities you may want to pursue.  Most importantly,  to keep yourself physically and spiritually healthy while serving time.

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