Q&A: Tara Lenich Shares What Sets Liberty Advisors Apart From Other Sentencing Mitigators

Publication Name: CityBiz
Publish Date: October 30, 2023

Q&A with Tara Lenich, Founder of Liberty Advisors

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CityBiz Boston interviews Tara Lenich on how Liberty Advisors successfully works with Attorneys, and shares what sets them apart from other sentencing mitigators.

I worked with “consultants” who did nothing to help me or my family through the grueling process of the criminal justice system. This experience inspired me to start the kind of criminal advocacy agency I wish I could have worked with.

Furthermore, I understand from my previous professional experience, what attorneys need and expect during investigations and trials. Liberty Advisors takes care to support and prepare clients and their defense teams while respecting professional standards and without providing legal advice. We collaborate with defense counsel to ensure each client receives the best possible experience.


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