Liberty Advisors LLC Featured on Boston Podcast Network: A Deep Dive into Prison Consulting

Recently, our very own Tara Lenich, the founder of Liberty Advisors LLC, had the honor of being a guest on the Boston Podcast Network. The enlightening conversation, hosted by David Yas, revolved around the unique services we offer and the inspiration behind our mission.

Listen to the podcast here, or read the transcript of Tara’s conversation here.

Tara candidly shared her transformative journey, transitioning from a prosecutor role in New York City to facing her own challenges with the legal system. Her personal experience with incarceration at Danbury Women’s Camp in Connecticut has not only shaped her perspective but has also been instrumental in forming the foundation of Liberty Advisors.

Throughout the podcast, Tara emphasized the core values that drive our firm: preparation, knowledge, and support. We believe that by understanding the inner workings of the prison system, individuals can regain a sense of control during challenging times. Moreover, Tara highlighted our commitment to the families of our clients, recognizing the emotional toll they too bear.

One of the standout moments of the discussion was the introduction of our sentence advocacy service. At Liberty Advisors, we collaborate closely with defense teams, ensuring that our clients’ narratives are presented holistically and authentically. By gathering character reference letters and offering strategic guidance, we aim to provide a comprehensive support system.

David Yas, with his signature blend of humor and insight, prompted Tara to address some common misconceptions about the prison system. Tara’s responses underscored the importance of having a knowledgeable ally, like Liberty Advisors, to navigate the complexities of incarceration.


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