Reentering Society After Prison

Most people in prison count down the days until the end of their sentences. No one wants to be in prison, so the day you get to leave should be one of the best days of your life – right? 

While the end of a sentence is exciting, it’s not the end of the road for many prisoners. Reentering society can pose unique challenges that are often overlooked. This can leave prisoners struggling when they are released, with no idea what comes next. Here’s what you should know about the challenges of adjusting to life after prison and reentering society after your sentence is complete.

Why Leaving Prison Can Be Difficult

When your sentence begins, you need to make significant adjustments to adapt to your new life. However, you eventually grow accustomed to your new circumstances, even if you don’t fully adapt. When you leave, you’ll need to make those adjustments all over again in the other direction. In addition, you may face challenges with issues like:

Accessing Resources

Whether you’re coming home or reporting to a halfway house after serving time in prison, you may not have access to the resources you’re used to. For example, many people struggle to find a place to stay after their sentence if they aren’t sent directly to a halfway house. Depending on your circumstances, you may need help returning to your home state, finding a new apartment or house, finding employment and getting your finances in order. 

Returning to Work 

Depending on what crime you were convicted of, you may not be able to return to your former career after your sentence is over. You may need to find an entirely new career that is accepting of your criminal record. If you are in a halfway house or on probation you also must show that you are attepting to gain employment or are employed.

Rebuilding Relationships

Even short sentences can significantly affect your relationships with family and friends. Time in prison can dramatically affect how you interact with others, making it hard to return to your regular habits with loved ones. While you’re gone, your friends and family may change, too. You may need to rebuild your relationships once you come home.

Adjusting to Changes in Society 

If your sentence is particularly long, society may change significantly while you are in prison. For example, many prisoners with years-long sentences completely missed the advent of the smartphone. They started their sentences before these phones became popular, and now they are almost indispensable. These changes could be challenging to adapt to if you didn’t live through them. 

Benefits of Working With a Prison Consultant When Your Sentence Ends

The complications of ending your sentence and reentering society can be significant. Unfortunately, the federal Bureau of Prisons and state prison and jail systems don’t offer much help to people after their sentences end. That’s why working with a prison consultant during and after your sentence is worthwhile.

A prison consultant does more than prepare you for your sentence. They can also advocate for you while you’re preparing to come home. This may include:

  • Explaining what you should expect from employers and housing providers now that you have a criminal record.
  • Offering advice on how to navigate the world again.
  • Discussing the changes you missed while you were in prison.
  • Helping you find resources to get back on your feet.

In short, an experienced prison consultant can provide straightforward and comprehensive guidance through all the difficulties involved in leaving prison and returning to your old life. 

Consult With Liberty Advisors, LLC When Leaving Prison

Whether you have just been released from prison or have a loved one nearing the end of their sentence, you may benefit from working with knowledgeable prison consultants. At Liberty Advisors, LLC, our founder Tara Lenich has first-hand experience with the struggles facing the newly released. She is available to offer guidance and advice to anyone leaving jail and preparing to reenter society after a federal or state sentence. 

If you are interested in learning more, call 347-673-0953 or reach out online to schedule your consultation. You can discuss your concerns and discover how an empathetic and experienced prison consultant can help you move on after serving time as efficiently as possible. 


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