How We Can Help You

We work with attorneys, individuals and their loved ones to create the strongest defense possible by collaborating throughout the entire process. Once you receive a target letter, are arrested, or a civil matter is filed, we will advocate for you.

Mitigation Specialists

Our mitigation specialists will collect and compile information to support your defense.  We conduct exhaustive social history investigations.  Interview clients, loved ones, and collateral witnesses such as teachers, neighbors and care providers.  Review all pertinent records. Help your defense counsel tell your fell story so the court considers all aspects of your life.  We speak for the dignity and value of all of our clients.

Sentence Advocacy

When assisting defense attorneys handling the sentencing of their clients, we design individualized sentencing data reports. Gather client background information and identify organizations in a client’s community that would benefit from the client’s unique abilities and strengths, substance abuse and mental health treatment, work-release and home confinement.  We review, analyze and assess the draft Pre-Sentence Report (PSR) and assist in preparing a response.  Coordinate character reference letters.

Prison Consulting

We help clients build an institutional framework for the next steps.  We support our clients by describing the practical, emotional and psychological aspects of imprisonment.  Provide clients and their loved ones with information about prison rules, regulations, procedures, culture and programs.  Explain early release programs such as First Step Act (FSA), Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP), and Compassionate Release.